Support Momenta’s Debut Album!

The Momenta Quartet is thrilled to announce the launch of a Hatchfund campaign to raise money for MOMENTA: the debut album!

In keeping with our eclectic musical world view, the CD will include one venerable “standard” by Claude Debussy, alongside the world premiere recording of Brazilian avant-garde composer Arthur Kampela’s Uma faca só lâmina (A Knife All Blade, 1998) and the first ever all-string recording of Philip Glass’ Music in Similar Motion(1969.) We start to record this summer and the CD will come out on Albany Records early in 2015.

We need your support to help us make this project a reality. All donations are fully tax-deductible through Hatchfund.

Why Hatchfund?

There are so many choices in crowd-sourcing sites these days! After extensive research, we decided to go with Hatchfund, because it is a non-profit company, focused entirely on the arts.

How does Hatchfund work?

When you make a donation to Momenta Quartet, you might notice that the mechanics of Hatchfund are quite different than other crowd-sourcing sites such as Kickstarter, with which you might be more familiar.

Please be advised that when you donate to our campaign you must also contribute an additional percentage to Hatchfund, as little as 5%. (Be sure to select a percentage, otherwise, the default setting is 15%.) Then when you are checking out, there is an extra 5% credit card processing fee applied to your total donation. If you chose to donate the minimum of 5% to Hatchfund, for example, your total bill will be 10.25% more than your initial pledge. The good news: every penny is tax-deductible!

This may seem strange – but the difference between Hatchfund and other crowd-sourcing sites is transparency. Other sites take the same percentage or more out of the total you donate to the artist – you don’t see it, and we don’t get it! AND – since Hatchfund is a non-profit arts organization, the donation you make to them gets funneled into other arts projects. Who knows – some of the funding may actually go back to Momenta…

Another thing about Hatchfund – the 75% success rate! Part of that stems from the one-on-one service they give to their artists. They will help us meet our goal and we are confident that we can achieve it.

We feel good about Hatchfund, and we feel great about having you involved in our debut album. This is an ambitious campaign, so please help spread the word if you know anyone else that might like to help us out.

We are deeply grateful for all of the support you have shown us over the years, and hope you will become a part of this exciting project.

All the best,

Stephanie, Emilie, Adda and Michael