New York Times Review!

Steve Smith’s review for our concert at the Stone is online! Check it out here or read more for some of our favorite quotes.“To judge from the mash of bodies at the Stone… word of the Momenta Quartet’s diligence, curiosity and excellence is definitely out.”

“a mesmerizing account of Cage’s String Quartet in Four Parts”

“Video-art projections by John Gurrin augmented a poised, haunting rendition by the Momenta players. More suggestive than depictive, Mr. Gurrin’s images… provided poetic counterpoint without distracting unduly from the music.”

“Michael Haas, the cellist, offered a vivid account of Elliott Carter’s ‘Figment’… and Adda Kridler, a violinist, was lyrical and precise in Christian Wolff’s ‘Bread and Roses.’”

And our favorite line (taken out of context of course!): “the decline and demise of classical music, high art, Western culture or whatever.”