MadreÁmbar: A Medieval French Love Story for Valentine’s Day!

This Saturday Feb. 13 at 7pm EST: MadreÁmbar

Still images from MadreÁmbar by Juliana Iriart

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and Momenta would like to share some love with you through an online chamber opera screening:

Saturday, February 13, 7pm EST: MadreÁmbar: Sebastian Zubieta’s compact reimagining of the ancient love/adventure story of Aucassin and Nicolette, commissioned recently by the Festival Nueva Ópera de Buenos Aires.

Screening will take place at this link on Momenta’s YouTube channel; check out the official Event Page on Facebook too!

Watch the trailer for MadreÁmbar:

Trailer for MadreÁmbar: join us on 2/13, 7pm EST for a live YouTube screening!

This made-for-online chamber opera features the whimsical visual design of Juliana Iriart and the brilliant playing of our own violist Stephanie Griffin, along with singers Amber Evans, Sarah Brailey, Kirsten Sollek, and Thomas McCargar; harpist Nuiko Wadden; and vibraphonist Russell Greenberg; all mixed by Bill Siegmund, Digital Island Studios.

The text, taken from an anonymous medieval source, is written and sung in the intriguing ancient Romance language “Langue d’oïl”. There will be English subtitles for those whose medieval French is rusty these days.

Born in Buenos Aires, and living in NYC, Sebastian Zubieta is a multi-faceted composer, musicologist and musical thinker that has enhanced Momenta’s musical life, since he took on the position as Music Director at one of our favorite venues, Americas Society.

See you on Sat. 2/13 at 7pm EST at the YouTube live premiere: